Short Course Lung US Sessions

Ultrasound Lung Training Sessions

NOTE: These are one-to-one hands-on training sessions based at the Academy 

The National Imaging Academy of Wales is pleased to present a teaching package to support the evaluation of COVID-19 utilising Ultrasound (US) imaging.

The teaching programme is designed to support experienced clinicians that routinely use US in their current practice and may be required to undertake US imaging of suspected COVID-19 positive patients.

The NIAW is offering supervised 1:1 practical sessions on the Intelligent Ultrasound BodyWorks Eve POCUS simulator. The hour long session focuses on practical, hands on experience using a realistic mannequin on which to practice the acquisition and interpretation of images using key landmarks. The session also gives the user the opportunity to practice finding image windows and compensating for obstructions using real patient scans.

Interested applicants can register for an hour long simulation session using the following link: Lung US and COVID-19
Please note: your booking is not confirmed until one of our Academy Administrators has been in contact to book your session.
Sessions take place at the National Imaging Academy Wales in Pencoed, full directions and instructions will be sent once your session has been confirmed. 

Interested applicants are encouraged to review the following on-line videos that cover the principles of US Lung examinations for patient suspected of having COVID-19. The presentations include:


An introduction to COVID-19 US Lung, presented by Dr James Rippey, an Emergency Physician with a passion for US. This presentation includes:

  • When to perform lung US
  • Optimising the image
  • Understanding the findings on lung US
  • US & CT changes in COVID-19
  • Example images
  • COVID-19 lung US report
  • Infection control – cleaning the US equipment


A presentation to introduce the Intelligent Ultrasound BodyWorks Eve COVID-19 lung modules. This short presentation introduces the user to the simulator and what the new lung module offers its user.


A presentation delivered by John Shields, CRNA, professor at Middle Tennessee School of Anaesthesia. This is a training video designed for those front line clinicians fighting the COVID-19 virus. The presentation includes:

  • Strategies for US lung examinations
  • Practical aspects of lung US
  • Diagnosis of acute respiratory failure
  • Clinical presentation & radiographic features of CoVID-19
  • COVID-19 CT Vs US
  • Differential diagnosis


A presentation, delivered by Jared Marx, MD in association with POCUS Geek. This presentation reviews lung US findings in COVID-19 patients, focusing primarily on severe infection. The presentation covers:

  • Normal lung anatomy
  • Lung pathology & their exploration
  • Standard lung views – International US Guidelines